MD260-685 Carbide Tipped Saw Blade Comparable to FESTOOL® #495385 and Other Track Saw Machines, 260mm Dia x 68T TCG, -5 Deg, 30mm Bore, Aluminum/Plastic Circular Saw Blade, Fits Kapex KS 120

SKU# MD260-685

Festool® & Other Track Saw Machine Compatible Saw Blades

Festool® and other track saw machine compatible saw blades

Carbide-tipped Festool and other track saw machine compatible saw blades are available for cutting aluminum, steel, building panels, laminates, melamine, soft plastics, solid surfaces and wood. Specifically designed to be compatible with your Festool machines. Available in 160mm, 210mm and 260mm diameters.

Warning: Not to be used with dust collection system.
Sparks from material could ignite and cause fire in the 
dust collection unit!


Tool No. MD260-685

(D) Diameter (260mm)
Teeth 68
(d) Bore 30mm
Hook Angle -5°
Application Aluminum / Plastics
Kerf (B) .094 (2.4mm)
Max RPM 5,900
Grind TCG
Fits Machines Kapex KS 120
Festool # 495385
Plate (C) .071 (1.8mm)


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